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B14.org - update

Postby Alan Davis » Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:24 am

New website is now on line - there are a few more items to transfer across from the old site and some new areas to add, but the main items are there. A couple of notes:

1) Availability of b14.org

Domain & site are now up and running again, there is a refresh page if you go in via B14.org which will disappear shortly as I transfer files across to this domain.

2) Forum Registration and Login

The new user registration for the Forum is now on the site home page (not the forum page), so you register for an account from the site home page - this is now all automated, you just get a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to activate your new account.

Existing registered users are not affected, you can post and browse the forum as normal. You can login via the home page of the website or via the Forum page.

This change is to allow one login to use the forum and identify you to the site (allowing registered users, site authors etc. to see different controls).

3) e-mails and website addresses

The new forum has e-mail and website links activated (icons in the right hand panel) - please login and check your e-mail and website addresses are correct in your user profile.

If you DO NOT wish to be contacted via e-mail by other board users then go to User Control Panel and edit your Preferences so that "Users can contact me by e-mail" is set to No. Private Messaging is still possible whether e-mail is on or off. This setting doesn't stop the forum administration team contacting you via e-mail.

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