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Postby mwattsB14 » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:11 pm

Just to point out one thing guys.

We have now had two seperate composite specialists in the form of CST and CarbonFibreTubes work on the wings. They havent just put a finger in the air and guessed the wings. They have worked off our crew weights.. in fact crew weights up to 200kg. What is hard to model is the actual shock loads, the way we mount them etc.

And there is a factor that limits us building rediculously over spec wings.. COST! The more carbon we put in the more they cost!

We will be working to try and understand why Tim's broke. For Dave and Richies wing i believe.. and correct me if i am wrong it was the wing they broke previously (due to incorrect mounting) and as such failed on the repair?

All the rest of the carbon wings were fine, including the UK spec wings.. In addition Kelvin who (how do i put this politely) is one of the heavier teams at the event and has been running carbon for a long while now and seen no issues.

If someone wants to run the numbers and prove the 2 solutions we have today are underspec then be my guest. I will happily give you the contacts for both suppliers to discuss your findings.
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Postby leaky » Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:33 am

Well put, Mr Chairman.

Umm, I'd just like to add to the mix, (just in case anyone is looking in from the outside), Geri and I, in 9years of sailing the B14, have broken precisely....er...um...one boom. Now, before you all start having a pop at us for being very conservative sailors, we try to be there, even when it gets rough. I know that one of us is gaining a little, but we arn't very heavy, but hey, Geri puts down some serious flak occasionally, usually in the form of bad langueage that has melted gelcoat. (Even Sharron has learnt to use the "C" word with impunity at Carnac this year! Nice work Shazza. Rodney is proud of you).

Now I'm not going to bang on, 'coz I know that this would usually kill any thread, but I don't think that this boat should be seen to be fragile. BUT there are one or two solveable issues. If you are using ali racks, don't fill the bloody things with rivets and replace the foretubes and boom every three years. Don't stay on the hull when its upside down, bouncing on the mast. Do check around the boat from time to time for wear & tear. How difficult is it? :?

Yes, the carbon wing affair has been an issue, but with reinforced horns and sensible mounting, I bet these tubes are OK. I have a belief in this, as I continue to be amazed about the thinness of carbon materials we trust in stressed components in other sports. Personally, I think Kelvey would have really wrecked sets of racks by now if they were wrong. We're just on a little learning curve on how to get it all nailed-down.

So for anyone out there, looking in, the B14 is still fantastic value and will look after you....... (and so will we!)

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Postby Al » Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:35 am

Oi! That's not what you should be posting in this tread. Come on, tell the story we're all waiting for...

(but very well put, nontheless)
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Postby leaky » Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:31 am

Excuse me? I think this thread is "Gossip"? I think if you look that up it allows me to bang on about anything I fancy......and it seems that this is what we have all done to it!

To exercise this right to gossip, I have to ask "Was Barry shrimping with your leeward wing in photo no 1216 or were you carrying a large fish under there???
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Postby Fish » Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:58 pm

Just back home off the big plane (and 2 weeks tripping in Europe).

What I eould like to see on this thread is Gery's reply to Leaky's little performance on the "Buggar the Bone" night.

Thanks for a great week.

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Postby leaky » Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:20 pm

Sorry Fish, no can do as she's gagged-up in the Dungeon at the moment.... 8)
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