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Postby Al » Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:20 pm

as Barnsie seems to not have produced one, Barry and I have decided to do one on the ferry. Expect it online sometime tommorow, once we've taken out the beer-fuelled.
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Postby barnsie » Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:35 am

Hi Al

Went off Monday night and probably due to the mass of reports for the weekend, would hope it appears today.


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Postby Al » Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:59 am

Neil Pryde B14 European Champs Form Guide
by Al and Barry

A guide to who's who in Carnac. Where we've never met you, we may have just made stuff up. Apologies if any of this is accurate.

GBR786 “Hope it doesn't leak” Gerry and Leaky
The Ikea special, unfortunately with instructions in Icelandic. A late confirmation, may do well if it all comes together at the right time. Literally.

GBR785 “Sketch” Dave and Richie
Boat is now held together properly, rather by cable ties. Part of the ever-growing North Sails Armada. Always look good for a win or two, can they string them together?

GBR784 “Noise pollution” Barsnie and Pete
Could this be the new fastest boat in the northern hemisphere? Or merely the fastest milk float in the west (of France)? With Barnsie's new brain chip and Pete's bionic wrist (they claim the scars are from accidents- yeah right) could they be unstoppable? There's certainly no stopping Barnsie when he gets going.

GBR783 “Noise nuisance” Tags and Alex
May not be a good idea to pitch your tent too close, if the whining of Musto sailors at Whitstable is anything to go by.

AUS777 “Dynamic Sails”
The advance raiding party from Australia, sailing a borrowed boat. Would just LOVE to talk about cricket, apparently.

GBR774 Piers and Batty
A crew who thrive in the big stuff, hopefully they won't be spitting feathers as Batty was at Plymouth.

GBR773 “Team Gill” Nick and Toby
Need no introduction, but will sleep deprivation cause problems? After running away from the missus to Plymouth, she's made sure he's well with in range to take care of the nippers. Nevertheless, no-one would bet against them, surely?

GBR772 “Some law firm” Mark and George
After Mark's attempts to drink for two at Plymouth, will the class chair be leading from the front on or off the water? A last event for George for a while, he's off to do something less exciting like Lawn Bowls or sailing an RS800.

GBR769 “” Dan and Rachael
solid competitors, certainly capable of big things when the fancy takes them.

GBR768 “Seavolution 34 1/2” Will and Matt
part of the youth contingent, sailing possibly the fastest boat in the northern hemisphere (or at least one of 33 near-identical boats)

GBR767 “” Rod and Sharon
be nice to them, they got us a sponsor. So, keep buying Rod drinks. In fact, everyone buy Rod a drink at the same time

GBR763 “Not Hyde Sails” Alan and Toby
Sailing with a shiny new set of most definitely not Hyde sails after someone jumped ship (to be rewarded with a sail in a Blaze)

GBR762 “” Mark Elkington and a mystery
The first of several entrants on this list with a mystery crew.

GBR761 “Axiom” Mark Emmet and Allan
Been showing good form of late, winning a tricky open at Whitstable. Could they go the distance?

GBR760 “Allen” Alex and Dan
One of the most colourful sailors to show up on the circuit, though has yet to put his pink y-fronts on over his kit. Still getting to grips with the boat, but may pull off a surprise or two

GBR758 “Anthill Mob” Tim and Johnny
the National Champions. Will they go for this title too, or will they try to drink Carnac dry? They're certainly capable of either, but perhaps not both.

GBR757 “Dryshirt” Kev and Phil
have had to scramble for a new mast after sticking it in the mud off North Berwick. Have shown some spectacular form in multi-class events of late- could they pull off a surprise in France? Will definitely be favourites to be last man standing at the bar.

FRA 686

The French. We know nothing of them. This scares us.

GBR735 Darren and Pete
Darren's with MI5. Pete's secretly a Russian spy. There may be trouble. Especially now they'll have to kill me for saying this.

GBR728 Trevor and George
Trev's been unseen on the circuit since a run in with a barbed wire fence at Rutland. Has he got over the PTSD from that night?

GBR724 Ed and mystery
this mystery crew is popular. Could they all have the same person? Will there be a fight?

NOR720 “Longboat” Thør and Agnetha
The first northern European B14. Flee. The Vikings are coming

GBR709 Lucy and Andrew
Will peace and harmony reign? Will they discover the downside to sailing with ones partner? One of a growing band of lady helms in the fleet

There are those who say green is an unlucky colour on a boat. They may just have spotted someone seasick though. Tom's clearly not been too put off by “that night” in march.

GBR678 “Mean machine 00” Barry and Al
The clear favourites, obviously. As long as the competition is “excuses” or “abusing your helm”.

GBR672 Steve and Chris
The lads from Restrongay are so relaxed off the water they'll win any limbo competition. A force to be reckoned with if the wind is light though.

GBR656 Steve and Lizzi
Another member of the intelligence community, Steve is a Mossad agent, whilst Lizzi deals in conflict diamonds

GBR644 “Sailsport” Tony and Char
The orange boat is up for sale this autumn, so they'll be keen to give it a fitting send off. Star of one of the most infamous B14 photo sequences, they are freestyle champions on the water and in the bar.

GBR321 “Bodge” Kathy and Dawn
sailing the oldest boat in the northern hemisphere, the only all-female crew in Carnac will be out to make an impact.

GBR??? Jane and no-one
Mystery boat. Possibly non existent crew? The ultimate stealth entry?
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Postby Phil 777 » Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:06 pm

Please publish this one alongside the other, its great!
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